Friday, June 17, 2011

My Week-Wrap Up

Target FieldThis week has been... the week of the full moon. When I was younger, my Mom always used to talk about how work that week had been crazy because of the full moon. Personally... I thought she might be crazy. Now I understand her to be wise.

This week was a full moon. I had three full work days - which were the highlight of my week, - a midterm exam in both of my summer courses, a Twins game where I was smacked up against a PDA-infatuated couple and will wrap up my week by making the two-hour drive south to work at home this weekend. Busy, busy.

I rocked my finance test and feel pretty awesome about my business ethics one though I don't feel awesome about business ethics in general.

The Twins game with one of my good friends, Kristin was mostly awesome. I wore my "White Sox Suck" tee and received many compliments on it. I drank some beers at the game and had one of their excellent burgers. The Twins won. However, I was stuck (I could have moved, but I love standing out in the Thome zone even when he doesn't play) next to this sickly skinny guy who mirrored Ozzie Guillen in his speech style, yet wasn't funny at all, and his large girl friend. They were extremely inappropriate for the game being a family event. Plus, they were stupid which makes them inappropriate for life.

I will be heading home this weekend. I am very excited to see my Grandpa and my puppy Dopey. I plan on watching the opening game of the San Diego - Twins series at Grandpa's house while munching on the snacks he always seems to have in preparation for me. Then, tomorrow and Sunday I will be picking up a couple shifts at the job I have had more or less since high school: the Madelia pool. How exciting. At least it is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend!

This week was crazy for me, and like my Mom before me, I blame the moon. Guess I am growing up.

Sorry this post was kind of lame.

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