Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chelsea Handler: Lies that Chelsea Told Me Tour

Chelsea HandlerI was privileged enough to attend the "Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me" tour at the Target Center on Saturday. It was amazing.

I was in the fourth row allowing me to be almost as close as possible to Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald, Josh Wolf and Chelsea Handler as they entertained the city of Minneapolis.

Brad's bit was about how darn ugly he is, Heather's related to her home life and what a sleaze ball Schwarzenegger is, Josh followed up with telling us about unsafe sex and breaking my heart when he revealed (might not be the right word choice since it was common knowledge... except to me) that he was married, and Chelsea wrapped up the act with just being herself and yelling at an Asian. Ah... I feel like these people should be my friends in real life, not just in my fantasies.

After the show, two clearly wealthy individuals offered my friend and I passes to skip the book-signing line. This was soooo lucky because the line wrapped halfway around the Target Center. We got to hop right in! This means I have an amazing book signed by four amazing people that I am about halfway through.

Can't complain!

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