Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Govenor Chris Christie Takes Helicopter to the Game = Ridiculous

Deficit? What deficit?

I assume that is the thinking of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, otherwise why in the heck would you think the American people would be understanding of your less-than-frugal use of a state helicopter to fly to your son's baseball game.

Christie flew in the $12.5 million helicopter to his son's high school baseball game and then left in the fifth inning. If you are going to use state resources for a private, family event then at least have the decency to stay for the full nine innings - I hate those people that get up in the middle of the game to leave early blocking everyone else's view and disrupting play by departing in their helicopter. How obnoxious. And common.

Christie's actions were defended by a spokesman who argued that the means of transportation used is only used in situations involving high schedule demands. Further, the spokesman stated that prior administrations had used the helicopter for personal functions and that Christie will continue to be judicial in its use.

I cannot understand how people justify their current actions by saying prior situations were handled in the same way. That is not a justification. You cannot say past performance is indicative of acceptable future performance. Just reference the history books - there are countless actions by people that, while once acceptable, are now punishable by law or, at the very least 'frowned upon'. I'm frowing at you, Christie.

Likewise, you can't 'continue' to judicially use something when you never judicially used it in the first place.

You are probably the same person who supports government subsidies for oil companies. How embarrassing and unintelligent.

We are in a recession, financial crisis and amid a battle with a $14 trillion deficit. Now is the time for tough decisions. If you are so crunched for time that a car just won't do the trick, maybe you should stay at the office a bit longer and figure out how the country can better spend tax payer money because right now, I'd say the tune you're whistling is a bit off-pitch.

I have no sympathy for working adults who have no ability of time management, whether they are politicians or not. I grew up in a single parents household and never once did I not understand when Mom couldn't be at every softball game or every volleyball game because of her two-hour work commute; she does her job well and always managed to support me even better. She did what she had to do and I respect her for that and can only strive to be half the person she is one day.

If you are so ignorant to the idea that sometimes you have to choose between family and work, then either you haven't been working very hard or your family life is in shambles anyway.

You want to represent the American people? Start acting like a typical American that can't afford to take a helicopter to a high school baseball game and would find it negligent and financially irresponsible to do so anyway. Start acting like the typical American or get out of office. I am so sick and tired of this superficial spending. I am so sick and tired of people like Govenor Christie.

Govenor Christie, do the people of the United States a favor and take the bus the next time.

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