Friday, August 12, 2011

2012 London Games Graffiti-Inspired Logo... How Appropriate

How fitting that the 2012 London Olympics logo be graffiti-inspired? Someone sure has an odd sense of humor...

The recent London riots, in which almost 2,000 people (the approximate size of my hometown) have been arrested, were sparked from the death of a local man that was shot by police. There has been much speculation that riots such as the current ones may effect the 2012 London games.

There have even been stories released by the media where security specialists are suggesting tourists carry a bag designed to cope with the current situation. This bag should carry, at minimum, the following: a first-aid kit, passport, a torch, bottled water, a RESPIRATOR and enough money to buy a plane ticket home. WHAT? I find it difficult to believe that carrying over $1000 in my side bag would ensure a safer visit to London. Don't get me wrong, I love a good riot, but a graffiti-inspired logo with a burning building in the foreground instills the kind of financial safety known only to Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros.

In the past, the Olympic Games have been concerned with outside terrorism coming in to the country of the games to commit violence. Looks like the 2012 games will have to worry about the bloody Londoners themselves.

Way to go UK.

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