Friday, August 26, 2011

Jim Thome Full Circle

Jim Thome has come full circle as he returns to Cleveland to finish out the season with a team he hit over 300 home runs for. Thome will wear an Indians cap, as he once used to, before it appears on his Hall of Fame plaque.

I only hope the Indians, 6 1/2 games behind the Detroit Tigers, aren't too far out of the AL Central race. Thome deserves one last shot at a shiny World Series ring and it appears that the Indians are the team trying to give it to him.

Personally, he had a better shot with the Phillies, but I also estimated the Twins would win the AL Central instead of holding a personal race for last with the Kansas City Royals... so what do I know?

Good luck to Jim Thome and the Cleveland Indians. If the Twins aren't going to win the division, the Indians better (and not because I hate every other team besides the Royals). Now, back to shopping for an old-school Thome No. 25 Indians jersey... I'm looking for the cutoff version; so far the cheapest I've found on ebay is $22.

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