Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jim Thome Waivers

I know I'm selfish when I say I don't want Jim Thome to be scooped up by a playoff contender and that I want him to stay in Minnesota for the rest of his career (however long that may be). I know I'm being selfish, I get it. I realize he deserves the chance to get his ever-elusive World Series ring; he deserves it, he does. Thome has earned a place in the baseball world and that place should be higher than a team that is 55-73 and almost bottoming out the division.

I still want him.

Now, I just have to decide if my selfishness can be out-weighed by my respect for Thome.

There are rumors circulating about interests in Thome from the Phillies, Indians, White Sox and Yankees. Because teams out of contention in the American League have little freason to put in a claim, it seems likely if Thome leaves, one of the aforementioned teams will be the lucky team to pick up a great guy and player.

The Phillies? To be honest, I'm a little tired of hearing about the Phillies, but they would give Thome a good shot at the World Series. If Thome continues to play, it would be nice to have his damage-inducing bat out of the American league, but at the same time, Twins fans would see less of Thome.

Seeing as the Phillies have the best record in baseball, they would have the last shot at picking up the Big Guy anyway, but the Indians? That could happen. Travis Hafner, the DH for the Indians went on the disabled list earlier this week, opening up a spot in the Tribe's lineup. Honestly, that would be a well-versed story with a sweet ending. Thome played most of his years in Cleveland and will most likely go in to the HOF as an Indian, so I guess if he should have a shot at contention it should be with Cleveland. Not to mention, perhaps with some Thome-power, the Indians could hold off the White Sox. If the Twins can't win the AL Central, the White Sox can't either... which essentially is saying the White Sox should never win the division.

Speaking of the White Sox, their only redeeming factor is Ozzie Guillen (and the fact I happen to like their team colors). Guillen has apparently expressed interest in Thome, "I have said day in and day out that Jimmy is one of my guys in baseball." I would hate to see Thome in a White Sox uniform again (especially since I plan on wearing my 'White Sox Suck' tee to the game on September 6th, in which case if the Sox lineup has Thome in it, I'll have to tape 'Except Thome' on the back or something crafty like that). Adam Dunn has provided less-than thrilling numbers for the Sox, who are in a virtual tie with the Indians, both trailing the Tigers, and Thome could fill that position for them. Besides, I don't see the White Sox making the playoffs anyway. I would hate to see Thome in a White Sox uniform, but I can't decide if I would hate that more or less than a Yankee uni... 

With the whole Jorge Posada / Derek Jeter drama that has surged around the Yankees this year, they could be interested in upgrading at the DH spot. Thome boasts an .868 OPS with 12 home runs this season in only 230 plate appearances. Those numbers would be an upgrade at the DH position for the Bronx Bombers. While Thome's personality would fit in with the classy guys like Jeter and CC Sabathia, I don't like the idea of Thome going to New York only to be overshadowed by a fellow 600-clubber, Alex Rodriguez, and I definitely think that would happen.

I respect Jim Thome enough to let him go, but it appears that in my mind, no one is good enough to pick him up.

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