Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twins Win!

Thatta baby, Twins!

I was listening to Twins Radio last night on the way home after a long day of work, some shopping and minor car repairs (that I watched someone else do). The back and forth turbulence of the game that classified last night is really my favorite type of game, whether I'm listening to the radio, watching TV or watching live.

Basically I love Twins baseball, but the excitement of games like the last game of the Twins-Tigers series really just caps it off. For those of you native to St. Paul, its like the Izzy on top.

Now tonight the Twins take on the Yankees at home and, before the game, the Twins organization will be honoring Jim Thome's achievement of 600 home runs. Tomorrow night, the Twins will be honoring Joe Nathan on topping the Twins' all-time save list. It's a big weekend for Twins baseball.

Not only are the celebrations important, but arguably more important are the games we play this weekend. Tonight we open a four-game series against the Bronx Bombers, who have won 5 out of the last 6 at Target Field. We need to split if not win the series. Something about the Yankees has always spooked the Twins, but like Gardy said last night, when you start talking about how perfect a player or an organization is, that is when they faulter; it's the curse of the 'no-hitter'.

I think there is something to that. Gardy's thinking kind of goes along with the Law of Averages or Murphy's Law. The Law of Averages tells us that the outcomes of random events will even out within a sample, while Murphy's Law leads us to believe that anything that can go wrong generally will go wrong. I think Gardy said it better, but you get the point. I would be willing to bet that the Laws are in our favor this series. Go get 'em!

I won't be at the game tonight, though after I found out about the Thome ceremony and proceeded to find NO ONE that would go to the game with me, I thought about attending solo. However, I will be at the Twins game tomorrow night, sporting with pride my 'Even Jesus Hates the Yankees' shirt and drinking a beer. My guess is that Yankee fans order things like Champagne and such. Get a life.

Anyway, see you tomorrow at Target Field! Good luck boys.

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