Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ozzie Guillen Has a Blog

Oh my goodness. Ozzie Guillen has a blog:

I really like the flag of Venezuela in the right corner.

I can't believe anyone endorsed this.

Check out a snippet of a recent Ozzie post, "Well you never know, or “never say never,” like that Bieber kid says (haha)." 

Wow. This is going to be too much fun. I can't believe I just discovered the blog today when it appears the blog has been around for a while. I'm disappointed in both my investigative skills for not finding the blog sooner and the mainstream media for not highlighting this cyber gem in a more apparent way.

My only complaint is that the blog obviously has some sort of spell check / grammar check or editor in place because readers are exposed to error-free writing by Ozzie Guillen. Which... is contradictory in and of itself.

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