Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Torii Hunter Turns Down Ten Bucks From a Yankee Fan

There is a video making its way around the sports world of Torii Hunter returning a pair of glasses to a New York Yankee fan after said fan drops his glasses on the field at Yankee Stadium. In a show of gratitude, the Yankee fan hands Hunter a single bill, you can speculate on the denomination.

What a good guy. Really, Torii Hunter is just an all-around stand up man. And the Yankee fan is a cheap SOB.

A right field seat starts out at $159.19 on the Yankee website while the market value of a Yankee ticket at the New Yankee Stadium will set you back much more than that. A front row seat back in 2009 for an individual game had a list price of $2,625. The lowest priced seats at Mets' Citi Field start at $11.
Torii Hunter as I like to remember him

You can't tell me that a Yankee fan sitting in the front row at Yankee stadium could only afford a $10 reward? Not only are you a snob, but you're cheap too (which, might I add goes against the entire Yankee philosophy which boasted a 2011 team payroll of $202,689,028). That hapless fan should do himself a favor and 1) get lasik and 2) get a reality check. You make six figures and you offer Torii Hunter, a millionaire, at most ten bucks? This guy apparently missed out on 'No Child Left Behind'.

No wonder Apple has more money than the U.S. government.

This is a word of advice for all you schmucks out there wearing Yankee paraphernalia: Chances are you can't afford to be a Yankee fan - so fuhgetaboutit.

I guess that Yankee fan is kind of lucky in the end - If he had been sitting front row on the third base side, either ARod would have stomped out the guy's glasses and he would be stuck with his less than 20/20 vision or he would take the guy's ten dolalrs (most likely he would have done both). After all, ARod has the poker prodigy lifestyle to maintain.

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