Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miguel Cabrera Has a Kid... Which is Unbelievable

Miguel Cabrera just went on paternity leave. One question: why is the domestic-abuser, booze-cruiser allowed to have children?

Oh, America... all about second chances and reformation.

Cabrera was on his way to Lakeland the night he was to report to camp for the Tigers when his vehicle broke down. Reports have him drinking DIRECTLY from a bottle of scotch while speaking to the traffic officers. Mind you, I don't trust people that don't drink - its always seemed a bit fishy to me, but this is just outrageous.

I seriously typed 'Miguel Cabrera drunk' in a popular search engine and this was on the first page. I'll accept that.

That wasn't the first time drinking has gotten Cabrera in to trouble. Back in February, police were called to the home of Miguel and Reseangel (wife) after Miguel came home from a night (and morning) of heavy drinking at 6:05am. Apparently Miguel woke up his daughter then started an argument with his wife that resulted in both having injuries. Happy Valentines day to you, too. At the time, reports asserted Miguel's blood alcohol content level at .26, more than three times the legal intoxication limit.

Now, what about those two incidents screams 'this guy would be the perfect father'... Exactly.

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