Monday, August 15, 2011

May I Speak to Jim Thome, Please?

A big shout out to Jim Thome:

My best friend Mara and I will be attending Friday's game against the New York Yankees. I know you dislike them as much as I do, though you are a better person and don't blog about it. Because of this common bond we share, I figure I am within reason when I ask you to please hit your 600th home run while we are in attendance on Friday. I wouldn't mind if it was a grand slam, but I realize that is not exactly within your control. If you should happen to hit your milestone home run to me, I promise to give it back - you deserve it. Again, I hope I'm not crossing any lines here. I'm a big fan and continually write about your talents and the resulting respect you've earned. Good luck this week and I'll see you Friday Big Guy.

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