Monday, August 29, 2011

Top Ten Signs Twins are Having a Bad Season

I'm feeling a bit negative today; tomorrow might (but probably won't) be a better day.

Top Ten signs the Twins are having a bad season...

10. Watching the game on 'mute' is the only way to get through it.

9. The team is well on its way to 90 losses.

8. We are battling with Kansas City to stay out of the cellar.

7. The Minnesota Lynx look good.

6. Luke Hughes missing his flight isn't funny, it's a disaster. (Love his accent though)

5. The team has endured more than 24 trips to the disabled list.

4. We can't win enough games to even be a playoff spoiler.

3. Fans are excited when Mauer and Morneau share the lineup for the eighth time of the year... in late July.

2. We have the worst run differential, second only to the Houston Astros.

1. Jim Thome left.

I feel ya, Charlie.

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