Monday, August 1, 2011

Delta Airplanes Collide as I Book a Trip to Colorado. Great.

Never been a huge fan of Chicago. The pizza is great and everything, but when the White Sox call you 'home', I'd rather you didn't exist. Judging by my "Yankees or White Sox" poll, most of you would agree. And now Chicago has another claim to infamy.

I will concede that this post says more about Delta than it does Chicago, but I never said I wasn't biased.

A pair of Delta planes played chicken at Chicago O'Hare Airport this past Friday and neither backed down. What concerns me here is that this is the second plane crash (if you can call it a crash? which I will) in more or less as many weeks. It used to mean something that you were more likely to get struck by lightning than in a plane crash. Not so much anymore. Now I am just waiting to get struck by lightning.

With my upcoming travel plans, I have some apprehension. I will be flying to Colorado on Thursday to spend some time with the family while going to a Rockies-Nationals (I know, I wish I were there in time for the Rockies-Phillies series too) game at Coors field among other things. I've never heard of Frontier airlines, but when I booked my trip, Delta was all full. Suckers. It now appears that I am fortunate to be flying Frontier airlines because so far this summer, Delta has failed to impress me. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

I love flying and would appreciate it if airlines would up their game. If you are going to charge us an arm and a leg to check a bag, please at least make sure my bag and I make it home safe. I don't really think that's too much to ask.

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