Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Using Baseball Bats to Brew Beer

With the Mariners bats getting little use at the plate, Seattle pitcher Chris Ray has decided to put the bats to a different use.

I especially like this story because it focuses on my and America's two favorite pastimes: beer and baseball. You can't go to Target Field without purchasing a couple draft beers... at a time. And in small towns like mine, it is even common to play baseball and drink beer at the same time. Beer and baseball just go together.

Ray has recently joined up with Fremont Brewing to create a bat-infused beer. Apparently Ray has been home-brewing beer for years, which makes me like this guy a whole bunch, and has finally found the brewery to put the talents that Homer Simpson gave him to good use. Ray will be opening COTU (Center of the Universe) brewery with his brother Phil.

The beer he created using 'bat' as an ingredient, Homefront, will be sold by Fremont Brewing until COTU can fully get on its feet. Homefront calls for the bats to be soaked in the beer for three weeks, which must make Justin Morneau cringe as he breaks more bats than anyone and probably doesn't have a bat to spare for a month.

Not only am I calling for the Twins to sign Chris Ray, but I want Target Field to start serving the game day specialty. If beer and baseball are a better couple than Romeo and Juliet, then why not bring bat-brewed beer to the ballpark? That's what I thought.


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