Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hope Solo on Dancing with the Stars

Hope Solo was recently in the news for the women's soccer World Cup in Germany. Even more recently, the USA goal keeper was in the media limelight for a picture of her nearly naked in a fountain as part of a clothes-less spread in ESPN's 2011 "Body Issue".

In the name of women's soccer, here it is.

The picture features Solo cavorting around in a robe with an unidentified female. Her twitter account (which I follow, embarrassingly) had this to say of the photo, "Being naked outside is very least I hope it will be @ESPN and @ESPNMAG!!! GAMETIME BABY! Ball up!".

Ugh whatever.

Now, Hope Solo is a contestant on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. I believe fans of the show simply refer to it as 'DWTS' which makes sense because not only is it easier to say, it is easier to type. And that's a good thing because everyone I know is either speaking about or writing about DWTS. Wow, look at how easy that was.

Back to the story at hand. Hope Solo DWTS. After I heard the news that the greatest goal keeper in the world was closeting the cleats and slipping on stilettos, I logged on the ol' Twitter and found out why.

Solo's spin on it? She is participating in naked photo shoots and dancing on a stupid show all in the name of women's soccer.

Stupid me. I should have known. Hope Solo is doing everything she can in the name of women's soccer and has discovered that the best way to promote women's soccer isn't by being the best keeper in the world. It's by being super hot. Duh.

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  1. She cannot be the best keeper in the world. The best keepers in the world are Iker Casillas and Manuel Neuer. She cannot even get close to them. But being super hot is definitely an option.