Friday, August 26, 2011

Yankees Hit 3 Grand Slams.

The Yankees hit a record-3 grand slams in one game last night.

Is this karma? What am I doing wrong? I am not one to enjoy and lap up the success of others, especially the torturous success of the Yanks.

Neither is Derek Jeter's girlfriend, I guess. The two reportedly called it quits recently. She used to date John Mayer or someone... At least Jeter has over 3,000 hits to keep him company. Even I know Jeter is an upgrade from the cooing baboon Mayer. Waiting on the World to Change? You bet I am...

I am waiting for a world where the Yankees don't hit three grand slams in a night and where the Twins actually have enough base runners on to make a grand slam feasible.

Bitter, I know.

I think this is Jeter's ex, but I didn't care enough to research so I can't be sure.

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