Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Atlas, Primordial Titan that Supported the Heavens

I'll tell you what... It appears to be my civil duty to stay home and avoid travel at all cost. Trust me, it is for everyone's own good.

Here is why:

January 2010: I went to Hawaii for the month. My travel coincided with one of the coldest, harshest winters in Minnesota in decades and the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince Haiti.

Spring 2010: I traveled abroad to Scotland for four months. Hellloooo BP oil spill. Not to mention the February earthquake in Chile that killed almost 1,000 people and the Vikings loss to the Super Bowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints.

Summer vacation 2011: I visit my family in Colorado for less than a week and the Twins get swept by the White Sox for the first time in 4 years. Oh, and the United States has its credit downgraded by S&P.

I see a strong correlation. Don't you? Really the only event missing here is the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that happened on March 11th. I can't recall where I was at this point, but I think that date coincided with my spring break. That spring break I was planning on traveling to Mexico.

WOW. Need I say more?

I have begun to take my role in world balance very seriously and plan to stay home more. Cross your fingers that this works... I don't think investors and the world markets can handle much more.

Just call me 'Atlas': supporter of the heavens

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