Monday, August 15, 2011

Twins Mathematically Still in the Running, Offseason Moves Needed

We may be 11.5 games back, but at least we aren't mathematically eliminated.

You all know how emotionally invested I am in the Twins. If they lose, I generally am in a bad mood until they win again - imagine what my summer has been like. Like I said though, at least the Twins have yet to be mathematically eliminated.

I'm still surprised the Twins made no moves regarding the trade deadline (on a side note, I am also surprised Tim Pawlenty withdrew from the Presidential race after losing to a native Iowegian - what did he expect?), but the lack of moves made by the Twins are referred to, in finance terms, as sunk costs. We have to look from this point forward and see how the Twins can construct a better squad.

We have four outfielders. Denard Span, Delmon Young, Ben Revere and Jason Kubel/Michael Cuddyer (those two count as one since they never outfield together). Trade one. Maybe we should be using the money from a Delmon Young trade to boost sub-par areas of our pitching staff. Young's name has been tossed around a lot after picking up some clutch hits. He is a great outfielder and the Twins should get some money out of him before he is Demlon Old.

Either dump Nishioka or work him HARD in the off season. Nishioka seems like a nice guy and has some similarities to Ichiro, but is barely batting out of the double digits from the right-side and botches almost every other fielding play (both of those were exaggerations, but you get my point.). After the first loss to Cleveland in the most recent Twins-Indians series, I thought the Twins may not have to worry about Nishi's offseason; I thought Carl Pavano was going to go Godzilla on Nishioka and end his season right then and there. Instead he spiked the baseball while walking off the mound and proceeded to throw a water cooler across the dugout. Might I add, rightfully so? If we don't get out of the $6 million deal with Nishioka, we need to get him in to a little league program and work him hard enough so he can handle the MLB.

Another rumor spiraling around is the dealing of Michael Cuddyer. I myself have said it might be financially smart to get money for him while he is playing so hot and coming off an All-Star season. At this point, it might be just as smart to keep him, despite the likeliness of being a hot commodity this offseason. Sure, Cuddy will need a bigger contract, but he has been one of the most consistent players for the Twins in the last five seasons. Not to mention, he can play ANYWHERE... even pitcher. The Twins really need to consider resigning Cuddyer.

Tonight I will be monitoring the Twins-Tigers game from my phone as I have agreed to help a friend move. I really hope the Twins can get it together. I don't want to write the post 'Twins post-season mathematically out of reach'. I really don't.

WOW: As of 2:01, the Twins traded OF Delmon Young to the Detroit Tigers for a minor league pitcher and a player TBA.

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